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Digital nomadism may be the number one trend in the world right now, but it’s clear that some destinations far outpace others when it comes to adapting to this reality, simply by easing their data restrictions. formerly strict immigration, or even launching new visas for the category. Now the numbers are there, and this small country ticked all the boxesbeing crowned best for long solo trips in the post Covid world.

Male Backpacker Exploring The Jungle In Costa Rica, Central America

Given the extent of its natural wonders, which include nature reserves and pristine Caribbean and Pacific coasts and a strong economy that is among the fastest growing in the Americas, no wonder it outstripped other traditional nomadic sheltersincluding Indonesia and Thailand.

Finally, Costa Rica gets the recognition it deserves:

A Central American gem growing in popularity every minute

Aerial view of Carrillo Beach on the Samara Coast in Costa Rica, Central America

Out of 14 destinations listed by Elite Daily, Costa Rica comes out on top the best place to travel “for a month alone”. In order to reach a consensus, the team spoke to experts from Next Vacay, Expedia and, who shared some of the travel trends they’ve noticed in recent months, and looked at other relevant data pointing to Costa Rica. as the definitive winner.

According to Elite Daily, these renowned platforms have agreed to name Costa Rica as the world leader in long-term solo travel. In fact, Expedia claims it beats all others to the top spot because it’s ‘equal parts serenity full of nature and unique adventures‘. Again, these remarks highlight Costa Rica’s ability strong appeal for nature lovers.

Other recent reports from booking platform appear to back up Expedia’s claims, after concluding that 74% of solo travelers said “experiences of the natural world” were their top priority going abroad following the Covid. Unsurprisingly, a growing number of them feel a magnetic pull towards Costa Rica and Central America to some degree, due to the wilderness there.

What makes Costa Rica so appealing to solo travellers?

Female tourist in Costa Rica raising her arms in the air as she crosses a historic suspension bridge, Central America

Specifically, Costa Rica meets all of the following criteria:

  • Good public transport
  • Accessibility*
  • Security
  • Variety of things to do once inside the country

*It’s an incredibly well-connected hub, offering air connections to many destinations in the United States, Canada and throughout the Caribbean.

In addition, living in Costa Rica is much more affordable than living in the United States or Europe. Americans can comfortably spend an entire month living on a budget of $2,000 or even a much lower $1,500, depending on overall expenses and accommodation choices. Given that rents in Costa Rica also tend to be around 71% lower, we can certainly see why solo travelers are flocking to this Central American gem.

What are some of the country’s strengths?

San José, capital of Costa Rica, Central America

Although quite small compared to the United States and Mexico, Costa Rica has 27 national parks on its national territory, in addition to being home to around five percent of all of the world’s biodiversity. Yes he is famous for the expanse of its jungles, but cloud forests, dry forests, rainforests, coral reefs and many other wonders also enrich the country’s natural treasures.

The bustling capital, San Jose, rivals other urban centers in the region, such as Panama City in Panama and Managua in Nicaragua, offering visitors a mix of Spanish colonial architecture and modern 21st century metropolis. More importantly, it is the gateway to Costa Rica, served by San Jose International Airport and connected by bus to many destinations across the country.

Busy street in Costa Rica, Central America

Other attractions include:

  • Arenalan active volcano famous for its hot springs
  • Mistic Arenal, a scenic trail with the iconic suspension bridges
  • Manuel Antonio National Parka pacific reserve
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reservean indoor park with countless hiking trails and outdoor activities
  • Waterfall of Fortunean iconic waterfall 70 meters high
  • Marino Ballena National Parka popular site for whale watching

One downside: A little slower internet compared to the US

Young woman working remotely from her laptop in a relaxing setting in Costa Rica, Central America

On the other hand, at least for nomads who wish to stay a little longer, Costa Rica has a fixed broadband less than impressive, with Speedtest ranking it 63rd in the world, at 53.67 Mbps. It still does better than its strongest competitors, such as Mexico (number 77) and Belize (number 86), but it is far behind the United States (number 8) and Canada (number 22).

That’s not to say the internet is unbearably slow in Costa Rica. It is, after all, in the same league as the wider Caribbean, and even faster than Mexico. So don’t worry, you’ll be doing your job because decent and reliable Wi-Fi is available in the majority of settings, except when you’re out there braving the jungle. In this case, we recommend that you purchase a local SIM card.

Woman photographing an unspecified waterfall in Costa Rica, Central America

The 14 best destinations for long-term travel according to Elite Daily

Other destinations on Elite Daily’s list include:

  1. Costa Rica
  2. Vietnam
  3. Ireland
  4. Seattle, United States
  5. Norway
  6. Portugal
  7. Greece
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark
  9. Budapest, Hungary
  10. Miami, United States
  11. Belize
  12. Oaxaca, Mexico
  13. Bali, Indonesia
  14. Thailand
Male traveler holding US passport before international travel

Of the above countries, only Costa Rica, Belize, Bali and Thailand have digital nomad visa agreements in place, allowing long-term travelers, including Americans, to live and work freely in the country as long as their source of income is from abroad and certain financial requirements are met. Others, such as Portugal and Hungary, have announced plans to launch their own in the near future.

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