Press Play Star Lewis Pullman on Clara Rugaard Chemistry, Time Travel


Lewis Pullmann became one of the most versatile emerging talents with memorable roles in 20th Studios Bad weather at the El Royale (2018), Hulu’s Catch-22Amazon Prime Video Outdoor beachand Paramount Top Gun: Maverick. His latest is an independent romantic sci-fi drama in The Avenue’s Press PLAY who follows Laura (Clara Rugaard), which follows in love with Harrison (Pullman). Their life together is cut short following a tragic accident, but she has the opportunity to save him by discovering a mixtape that allows her to travel back in time. Pullman spoke with Bleeding Cool about his co-star, the challenges of filming the time travel story and working with the director Greg Bjorkman.

Lewis Pullman and Clara Rugaard in Press Play (2022). Image courtesy of Avenue

Bleeding Cool: What interested you in ‘Press Play’?
Lewis Pullmann: [‘Press Play’ is] a sort of flipped classic romantic drama. It was a bet; I think trying to marry these two genres together and make it seem like neither takes up too much space and co-exists in the same proverbial world. It was intriguing and a fun challenge. Struggling with a lot of these things that Laura and Harrison deal with throughout this movie was so out of the realm of what my existence is like. It required us to recruit a lot of childish imagination to put ourselves in these situations and imagine how we would react or what we would do.

Press Play Star Lewis Pullman on Clara Rugaard Chemistry, Time Travel
Lewis Pullman in Press Play (2022). Image courtesy of Avenue

BC: Clara told us how disorienting shooting the “Press Play” sequences became with the time travel aspects. Is it the same for you?
Pullman: Yes quite. I don’t know if you’ve seen ‘I Am Mother’, but I was blown away when I watched it after reading the script. Clara was so capable of playing that a character who has some idea of ​​what her reality is like and who is just blindsided by this massive piece of information that shatters their whole idea of ​​existence and then plays through those the concession thoughts and disbelief, denial, doubt, acceptance and then practicality. I was like, ‘Wow! She’s going to be able to really elevate this whole movie.

[Clara] was really helpful to be able to draw because she’s almost able to go back into the sandbox and be like a kid and say, ‘What would that really feel like? What would a person really be doing if they tried to accept this as a new truth that it is possible for two people to time travel? Then it was pretty hard, especially in those moments, because you follow Laura’s story for so many periods, and you don’t know what Harrison is doing or how he processes that information.

You get to these little interjections and see Harrison after he just got a huge piece of information from Laura where she directs him, saying, “You should try this” or “You should try that”. Filling in those blanks was important to me in order to kind of cut out Harrison’s arc and where he is when you find him and all that and all those different scenarios. You only have two and a half minutes, regardless of the length of the song, to express these things and give the audience an idea of ​​where Harrison has been, where he is now and where you think he is. could go next. Doing this out of chronological order took a bit of mental gymnastics.

Press Play Star Clara Rugaard on Time Travel Thriller & Lewis Pullman
the avenue

Bleeding Cool: Working with director Greg Björkman, how do you think he fared in his film debut as a director?
Pullman: I think [Greg] had a great personal approach to the set. He wanted it to be very familiar and for us to be able to express ideas. He had an experience with someone that mirrored a lot of the things you see Laura and Harrison go through, not the time travel element, obviously. Seeing someone walk into this kind of fantasy world with such a grounded and personal approach was helpful to keep trying to make sure it all came back to their relationship with their bond and that it never got too swept up in the element science fiction stuff. . I thought that was a really good approach, and he was a nice guy to work with.

Press PLAYwritten by Björkman and Jacques Baccalaureatealso stars Lyrica Okano, Christina Chang, Matt Walsh, and Danny Glover. The film is currently in cinemas, digital and on demand. You can read our interviews with Rugaard and Björkman.

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