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Over five billion Search to:Anywhere queries show demand for more flexibility, value and creativity when booking travel has the summer trip you never thought of, and you can find yours using our Look To: Anywhere feature. More than five billion of these searches have already been performed this summer, as travelers want to use their freedom to explore the world again.

Our data shows an increase in bookings even compared to pre-Covid numbers, with 2022 booking volume tripling compared to 2021. Many of these have come through our unique Look To feature: anywhere, who works by choosing your starting point (or points) and allowing the Kiwi-Code to find all the places you can easily visit. You can then search by price or popularity, and discover destinations you never even considered.

“See the world at the best possible prices”’s “Anywhere” search feature presents you with a map of possible destinations

Already known as one of the cheapest and most flexible flight booking platforms (and ranked number two on Frommer’s Best Airfare Search Sites of 2022),’s multiple search options make prove invaluable to travelers who don’t want to be confined by the usual rules of the travel industry.

“Many travelers are more flexible and creative with their travels after Covid-19. Many of them are lucky enough to work from anywhere, allowing them to maintain job stability while exploring a new destination. Some want to make the most of their budget and see the world for the best possible price while others want to travel as far as possible and visit as many countries as possible to make up for lost time,” says Eliška Řezníček Dočkalová, Director. customer experience on

Hack summer with

Happy young tourists taking a selfie in a city — ShutterstockOur Kiwi-Code will find you the summer vacation of your dreams at an unbeatable price — Shutterstock’s flexible search tools are built on the back of our powerful Kiwi-Code, which constantly checks and updates prices on thousands of carriers around the world. It lets you create routes that wouldn’t normally exist or use our built-in travel tips to save even more money.

Our standard search includes the Look To: Anywhere option, which shows you where you can go for the lowest price available, but you can also customize your search using our filters. Choose flexible travel dates or check the interactive calendar to see which dates are the cheapest. Choose if you want a direct flight or if you are ok to change. Add or remove carriers or stopovers that you find inconvenient, or remove flights altogether, and only see ground transportation. It’s your trip, so you should be able to do it however you want. This is the flexibility that offers.

We also have the Deals page, which shows you the cheapest rides from your starting point, based on our Kiwi-Code calculating the lowest price per mile. When the Kiwi-Code finds the cheapest routes, they appear on the Deals page, meaning you have constant access to the routes that give you the best value.

Third, how do you find the lowest price for a multi-city summer adventure? With’s Nomad, that’s exactly what you can do. Choose your starting point, enter the cities you want to visit and how long you want to stay there, and when you click search, Nomad will instantly find you the cheapest possible route between all the destinations you have chosen. European tour? Travel to the United States? Backpacking in Asia? Go Nomad!

Most Popular Search To: Reservations Anywhere

So where are people going? Of our nearly five million Search to: Anywhere queries, our global booking data shows that these are the top 20 most booked queries.

  • London
  • Milano
  • Barcelona
  • Rome
  • Paris
  • Lisbon
  • Istanbul
  • bangkok
  • Athens
  • Palma de Mallorca
  • Budapest
  • Vienna
  • Oslo
  • Dublin
  • Bucharest
  • Brussels
  • Berlin

We have amazing offers for these cities right now, or you can use the power of our Kiwi-Code to hack summer. Head over to and join the millions of people who are searching: Anywhere right now, and find the summer break you never even thought of!

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