Do you feel ashamed of theft? Here are 11 ways to travel the world guilt-free

Once upon a time, air travel was a dream come true for many and something people did without feeling guilty. Since climate change awareness became popular, flying has become a mode of transportation that some people feel guilty about, as it is said to pollute the earth more. For those feeling this, here are ways to travel the world without having to bear all that guilt.

11 Take a train

Many experts agree that trains emit some of the lowest amounts of greenhouse gases, making train travel arguably the most environmentally friendly way to travel long distances. When traveling by train, you can enjoy the scenery while reducing your overall carbon footprint.

ten Sailing

Traveling the world in an eco-friendly way isn’t always comfortable but can be adventurous. When considering traveling by sea, one can choose to sail instead of taking a boat or a boat with an engine that will still produce carbon emissions. By sailing, one can take advantage of the wind and the waves to reach one’s destination like the people of old.

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9 Ride a bike

Cycling is an exciting and environmentally friendly mode of transport. When riding a bike, you don’t have to worry about carbon emissions or fuel. Even though the bicycle has many limitations and cannot be used for long-distance travel, many destinations around the world are bicycle-friendly and can be easily explored by bicycle.

8 Take shorter flights

If one has to take a flight to the destination, one can reduce his flight distance by stopping in another state or region and then take a greener mode of transport to the final destination. It’s a great way to explore more scenery, and while it doesn’t reduce your carbon footprint, it can reduce the overall contribution you make over a period of time.

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seven To hitchhike

You don’t always have to spend money on gas or booking flights. It doesn’t hurt to hitchhike. This saves money on gas and also reduces its carbon emissions at the same time. It’s also adventurous and a way to meet new people. There are different rules regarding hitchhiking around the world, and the general rule to be aware of when doing this is to not stay on the roadway or cause any type of obstruction.

6 Take the bus

While cars also come with their greenhouse gases, one can minimize them by joining a public vehicle like a bus and sharing it with other travelers. The more passengers, the lower the overall carbon emissions.

5 Traveling with a motorcycle

Motorcycles are more sustainable modes of transport than cars, as they are smaller and emit less gas emissions. Besides being a greener alternative, bikes are faster than bikes and still offer the flexibility that bikes provide.

4 Take a walk sometimes

The story goes that ancient humans traveled long distances on foot, and when it comes to eco-friendly travel, no other method of travel can beat walking. This is not realistic for long-distance travel, but one can replace vehicle transport in many situations and reduce their overall carbon emissions. When heading to local destinations, walking is a great way to get there. Apart from being a great way to travel more eco-friendly, walking also burns more calories and keeps the body healthy.

3 Try to avoid other environmentally unfriendly forms of transport

While air travel is a major contributor to overall carbon emissions released into the atmosphere, sea travel on a ship is also a major contributor to overall environmental pollution. With so many emissions generated by ships and sometimes released into the atmosphere, it’s best to stay away from cruise ships if you want to travel in a greener way.

2 Race light in flight

Weight is the main contributing factor to the amount of weight an airplane pumps through the air. With less weight, the aircraft will undoubtedly generate less carbon emissions. With this in mind, one can contribute to this end by carrying light if one has to fly in an airplane.

1 Try skateboarding

There are many other unique modes of transportation, but while many aren’t realistic enough, skateboarding might be one way to try. This interesting mode of transport is faster than walking and more flexible than cycling. When using this mode of transport, you will have to be careful of other road users so as not to hurt someone or get injured. Skateboarding is perhaps best on roads with less traffic. Apart from being a unique way to travel, one can also easily switch to walking on roads that are not suitable for smooth skateboarding.

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