These are the coolest tricks to save money on flights, according to TikTok

After two years of travel uncertainty, the airlines are finally back and the plane tickets you have shown are patiently waiting to be claimed by you. The world is your oyster, and you can finally go where you want – if you can afford the fares, of course. Even though travel options are open again, that doesn’t mean ticket prices haven’t been inflated, on top of additional travel costs like gas and food. Traveling on a budget sounds daunting, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your dream of embarking on life-changing adventures. Here’s how to save money on flights, straight from the TikTok travel influencers who found the best travel hacks.

Traveling is never truly stress-free, which is why planning — especially with your travel budget — is so vital. It starts when you’re looking for your tickets, and if you do it right, you can save hundreds of dollars before you even fly. Luckily, the popular app has your back with plenty of TikTok travel hacks to find the cheapest possible ticket for your next big trip. There are tons of tips, from how to save money on international flights to how to claim the money the airline owes you for annoying delays. Browse through these TikTok flight hacks and use the extra cash you save for memories, amazing food, and experiences you’ll remember forever.

Use a private window or VPN when searching for flights

Whenever looking for plane tickets, TikTok user @trendytraveler recommends always using a private browser window or enabling “incognito” mode. This will prevent sites from tracking your cookies and raising prices based on your search interests.

She says it’s a good idea to use a virtual private network or VPN so airline sites can’t see the location you’re searching from. Flight prices can be inflated depending on where you live, and with a VPN you can change your origin to a country with a lower currency. This allows you to search for international flights without inflated prices and compare fares from different countries.

Choose the right day to book and fly

For some years, the general rule has been to book flights on Tuesdays because that is when tickets are the cheapest. But now that everyone is doing it, it’s not an optimal day anymore. TikToker @tawnyaschultz shared that according to Expedia, Sunday is now the best day to buy plane tickets as prices can be up to 36% cheaper than any other time of the week. You should also be aware of the day of the week you will be leaving. If you can, choose the off-peak days of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday to cut hundreds of dollars off your bill.

Compare prices with this Google Flights “hack”

If you love using Google Flights to find flight directions, remember this tip for finding the best deals. TikTok user @addison.jarman says his Google Flights strategy is to enter his departure city but leave the destination blank. To avoid the super long layovers that usually come with cheap tickets, she selects the “nonstop only” filter in the search. Then she enters a flexible travel month or a selection of dates to fly so that each option presents itself. Then she clicks on the map to compare the cheapest flights for her next getaway.

Sign up for price alerts on airline websites

TikTok user @mrsdowjones has tons of money-saving theft hacks to check out. She recommends setting up notifications on the airlines’ website so they can alert you when the cheapest flight is available. She says it’s always a smaller bill when you buy directly from the airline’s website, but if you don’t see a flight to your destination, apps like Hopper allow you to “Watch This Trip” so that you can take your tickets at their lowest price. when they are available.

Rebook in 24 hours for a price drop

It’s so frustrating to pay a lot of money for a flight, only to see the original price drop much cheaper the next day. TikToker @erikakullberg points out that according to the Department of Transportation, you can get a full refund for a flight – as long as you booked it within 24 hours. So if you see that your ticket has become cheaper, cancel it and buy it back at a lower price.

Take advantage of student discounts

If you’re still in school, your trips may be cheaper. TikTok user @travelwithpat says students can log into for free and enter their travel days for cheaper flights that cost hundreds of dollars. Discounts may vary depending on your qualification as a student, but the search portal is definitely worth it for both domestic and international flights.

Get compensated for flight delays in the EU and UK

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in an airport because your international flight is delayed. But did you know that you can request cash compensation? It’s important to know your rights as a traveler and read the fine print, like this very important law that TikTok user @milansinghhh pointed out. EU261 states that as long as you are flying with European or UK airlines, the delay was within the control of the airline and you arrive at your destination more than three hours later than expected, you have the right to claim money or amenities in return.

Plan a stopover as your final destination

Have you ever heard of It shows you the “hidden” plane tickets beyond the normal sites. It allows you to plan a cheaper flight using a stopover as the final destination instead of a direct flight, as non-stop tickets are usually more expensive. It’s a major nicety shared by @yourrichbff that’s completely legal – just make sure you don’t give your airline frequent flyer number in case of any complications, and don’t forget to carry your luggage so that they don’t meet at the last stop.

Be flexible with your flight origin and buy tickets at the airport

TikTok @melanatedadventures says to always search for flights from all airports in your area as this can save you hundreds on a flight depending on where the plane is departing from. For example, if you live in Philadelphia, you can compare tickets departing from Philadelphia, Newark, JFK or even DC airports. A short two-hour drive to an airport a few towns away could save you a lot on fares,

If you want to fly with Spirit or Frontier Airlines, buy your tickets at the airport to avoid additional charges online. Going to the counter can save you up to $20-40 on unnecessary fees.

Find the cheapest month for your international destination

If you book an international flight in advance and have flexible travel dates, you can use Skyscanner’s flight tracker to find the cheapest month you can fly to an amazing destination. @darlene_bella on TikTok shows you how: start by searching for a one-way flight to “everywhere”, select “cheapest month” for your departure and click search. Then you can choose from the cheapest international tickets available. If you are in Europe, you can fly a low cost airline like Ryanair to any other city you want for cheap.

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