How long will it take for business travel to return to normal

If you’re a former jet-setter who hasn’t been on a business trip in years, hang in there. Business travel plummeted in 2020 and 2021, and it still hasn’t returned.

According to an April report by the American Hotel & Lodging Association, or AHLA, conducted with the hotel analytics group Kalibri Labs, business travel revenue in hotels in the United States for 2022 is expected to be 23 % at pre-pandemic levels.

And it’s not just hotel revenues that are down. A study by the US Travel Association, a nonprofit organization representing the travel industry, estimates that overall business travel spending will decline 24% in 2022 from 2019 levels.


Some cities have been hit harder than others. The AHLA has released business travel revenue projections for 2022, and four major U.S. cities — San Francisco, New York, Washington, DC and San Jose, Calif. — are expected to see revenue declines of more than 50%. compared to 2019. San Francisco is particularly hard hit, with a drop of nearly 70% in revenue.

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