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Some of us find inner peace through guided meditation. Others will run or snuggle with their felines. Eva Mendes, meanwhile, finds joy in front of the kitchen sink.

“Even when I have to work, when I have to do something, I can’t do it with my messy kitchen. And more specifically, my sink is a mess,” she says.

Like many of us, the Covid-19 pandemic has turned Mendes into something of a germaphobe. The mum of Esmeralda Amada, 7, and Amada Lee, 6, with longtime partner Ryan Gosling, “has gone into super clean mode,” she says. “I was going through sponges like crazy. And I realized God, these sponges suck.

So she partnered with Skura Style, which makes antimicrobial sponges. She is now an active partner in the business. So active, in fact, that she poetically expresses herself on sponges like a designer expresses herself on patterns and fabrics.

“It rinses dry very, very quickly. It harbors far less bacteria and it fades when it’s time to change it,” she says. “Your sponge will tell you when it’s time.”

And that’s a good thing because Mendes says his domain is cooking. “My man cooks. I do the dishes, with pleasure. I find it meditative. It makes me happy. I can practice my mindful meditation because maybe before the kids I was doing TM – transcendental meditation – and all that. Now it’s like, are you kidding me? I don’t have five minutes to sit down. But for now, I’ll take it where I can get it. And, usually, it’s when I’m in the kitchen and that’s when it happens to me.

But when she’s on the road, she also likes to have comfort by her side. Mendes knows what she likes and how she likes it. Here’s what she always takes with her when she travels.

$498 at Cuyana

Mendes packs it all in this chic and practical backpack, which has a built-in laptop sleeve and is made of grained leather. In addition, there is a shoulder strap that allows you to carry it or carry it on your shoulders. “For me, I wanted to simplify what I have to carry. I have a backpack. It’s not fancy – it’s just a backpack,” she says. “I got used to it with the kids and now I have my hands free. And again, simplify,” she says.

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Ideal for combination or dry skin, this oil is infused with jasmine, neroli and rose. “I love face oils – I just respond to it. It’s my go-to,” she says. “I use it as my main moisturizer. I use it on my eyes. I use it everywhere. I use it on my hands too. Because I don’t like a ton of products. I don’t like a ton of things,” she says.

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Not only are these candles beautifully packaged, they are made from ultra-pure beeswax. “I try to travel with a candle – scent is really important to me,” she says. “I love these candles which are very expensive – they’re called Qualitas. They’re candlelight, but they’re non-toxic and they have this long-lasting scent. I get the flowers. Freesia is my favorite.

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Don’t waste, don’t want with these reusable, washable wipes. “I swear, I’m not just trying to plug my product in, but I like microfiber wipes. We have them — I use them to clean my phone,” Mendes says. “I like wiping things down, not excessively. But I like to wipe myself off when I get on the plane or when I get to the hotel room.

These microfiber wipes are a great way to cut down on single-use paper towels. Each of the Wipe Envy cloths can be used up to 20 times, wet or dry. Plus, they’re machine washable, so you can simply wash them before their next use.

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If she has to leave the house, Mendes takes the scent of her loved ones with her. “I have a travel pillow, but it’s just a kid’s pillow I travel with – it’s not one of those fancy pillows [ones]”, she says. “I always take a used pillowcase that we use because it smells like home or our family, so it’s just a great little pillow.” The Coop Pillow Home Goods is machine washable, making it easy to take on the road and then wash when you get home.

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This internet famous mask firms your skin and when you wash it off, you come out feeling incredibly refreshed. Mendes is a fan. “Maybe a few years ago I would have had an eye mask, but not anymore. I don’t do anything like that on the plane. But I love the Hanacure mask,” she says. “It’s not for the plane at all, but it’s definitely for the next day for the meeting. It’s a facial in a little bottle. It’s quite intense.”

$17.99 on Amazon

Whatever city she is in, Mendes takes something where she can jot down her thoughts. “My other travel essential is my journal. I always journal. brown leather with little letters that say Praha, so I’m collecting, I got it in Prague last year, I just bought one in London that’s based on a design by William Morris, so that will be my next one. “

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Mendes is known for her love of headwear and, of course, she always has a great one on hand. “I always fly with one. There’s this Instagram feed, this page that I follow – it’s called The Wrap Life. I get a lot of my shawls from her and I love giving her love because she’s just amazing,” she says.

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