Dealing with the Growing Stress of Traveling to Hawaii

A Hawaii vacation should be fun, relaxing, and even transformative. Still, the stress of traveling to Hawaii is real, and more so than ever. You can clearly see it in your comments. Plus, travel isn’t exactly what it used to be in many ways. So welcome to the new world.

Whether you’re heading for a regular trip to Hawaii that you love or the trip of a lifetime to the islands, anxiety, worry, tension, and high blood pressure are on some level hard to avoid. Here’s why and what you can do about it.

Researchers believe the most stressful travel experiences in Hawaii are associated with pre-trip planning and your route choices. Once in Hawaii, stressors include weather, traffic, flight delays, and disagreements between travel partners.

Hawaii travel anxiety is to a large extent associated with fear of the unknown. As we’ve just returned from traveling to a post-Covid world, things aren’t quite familiar either. There’s also more stress around planning the trip and what to expect when you’re here. While some of this anxiety is unavoidable, it can also ruin your vacation, and that’s the last thing anyone wants.

We look at how to deal with the stress of traveling to Hawaii: causes, symptoms, treatment.

Causes of Hawaii Travel Stress.

It’s different from person to person, of course. Jeff has been a world traveler all his life, but to this day, enclosed spaces and, too many people in close proximity, have triggered him. Other people may find Hawaii travel anxiety to be their norm, and it may stem from a bad trip or nothing obvious. Jeff once had an extremely turbulent Delta L-1011 flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu. He hasn’t totally forgotten about it for over 30 years, and when there’s extreme turbulence, it brings him right back.

1. Apprehension around flying or long flights over water. This is one of the most common causes of Hawaii travel anxiety. Other aspects of fear of flight include the take-off and landing experience, turbulence at altitude, and the fear associated with being up to three hours from the closest place to land on a flight. in Hawaii. Fear of plane crashes, and of course, claustrophobia in general, or on long flights are other factors.

2. Agoraphobia or the fear of being in public places. Who hasn’t experienced this because of Covid? It is said to have increased dramatically over the past couple of years and we have no doubt about it.

3. Anxiety about returning to daily life after your vacation in Hawaii.

4. Anxiety about your Hawaii travel plans. This can include concerns about costs (oh yes!), experiences meeting your expectations, including accommodations, car rental, restaurants, activities and shopping, and general interactions.

5. Jet lag. The long flight to Hawaii, 5-10 hours, increases the possibility of anxiety, unease and of course jet lag.

6. Changes in daily routines, Hawaiian culture shock, and the unexpected can exacerbate stress. Also, perceived loss of control over normal life.

Symptoms of Hawaii Travel Anxiety.

1. Difficulty concentrating.
2. Being more irritable.
3. Feeling tired.
4. Upset stomach.
5. High pulse or blood pressure.
6. Headaches.
7. Shortness of breath.
8. General malaise.
9. Sleep disturbance.
10. Mood swings.

Techniques for Coping with the Stress of Traveling in Hawaii

1. Know what your triggers are and deal with them proactively. For example, one of your own might mean having enough food with you when you travel so you don’t depend on the airline or whether a restaurant is open and available. Exhaustion before your Hawaii vacation is also a recipe for trouble. So do what you can to arrive rested, prepared and ready to enjoy Hawaii.

2. Plan well, calmly and with pleasure. Have your ducks in a row, so to speak. Check online maps before heading to your accommodation in Hawaii rather than at the last minute. Do enough research on your trip to have plenty of options. Take care of things around the house so you don’t have to worry too much about what you leave behind. Plan your trip so that it’s almost as fun as the trip to Hawaii itself. Immerse yourself in YouTube videos describing where you plan to go in Hawaii.

3. Come to Hawaii prepared. It means being physically fit to participate in the Hawaiian activities that you and your travel partners desire. Don’t become a travel statistic.

4. Make flying to Hawaii enjoyable. Book a flight as direct as possible to your destination. Saving a little, but having to make multiple stops with layovers is not a recipe for a great Hawaii vacation.

Once on board, do things you enjoy to pass the time. Listening to Hawaiian music comes to mind. And while planning that flight, do you know how to access entertainment on your airline’s flight to Hawaii? It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check this before you leave the house.

5. Manage your expectations in Hawaii. While it’s normal to plan and anticipate a great Hawaii vacation, unrealistic expectations, especially now, can lead to disappointment and increased Hawaii travel stress. Set the bar low to avoid this phenomenon. Don’t plan to be at one end of an island, for one thing, and immediately rush across the island for something else. Do you realize that the traffic here can be as bad as anywhere on the mainland? The same goes for changing islands in the middle of the vacation. You lose a lot of time and encounter significant traffic problems when changing islands, including airports, car rentals, and hotels. Plan accordingly.

6. Take the time to enjoy the different pace of life in Hawaii.

We all know that lack of time is a huge stressor. So give yourself plenty of time and don’t rush things; that’s not the way here. Please come to Hawaii with a positive attitude and accept the things you find, even if they are exactly what you expected or hoped for. Get ready to enjoy people and new experiences that are different here than on the mainland.

7. Schedule time to unwind after returning from your Hawaiian vacation. Can you set aside a day or two after your return to fully soak up the benefits of having been in Hawaii?

And in conclusion, if you’ve ever experienced anxiety while traveling in Hawaii, take it seriously. We want you to enjoy your trip and return to Hawaii.

What are your tips for a stress-free Hawaii vacation now? Please add your comments below.

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