Travel Insurance Cancellation for Any Reason: The 5 Best Options for 2022

There are many reasons to purchase travel insurance before a major trip, but the most important is to protect your investment against the “what ifs” of life. A policy from one of the top travel insurance companies can protect you financially if your trip is canceled or interrupted for a covered reason, or if your baggage is delayed or lost by your airline. Other travel insurance coverage, such as emergency medical and dental coverage, can even help you get needed care if you’re hurt or injured while away from home.

There are many other covers that also come with most travel insurance policies, including some that you can add to your policy for an additional cost. One of these additions is called “cancel for any reason” or CFAR coverage. With a Cancel for Any Reason policy, you can cancel your trip for any reason and still get a percentage of your prepaid trip back (usually up to 50% to 75% of what you paid for). already paid).

That said, not all companies offer this coverage, and the terms and conditions of CFAR protection vary widely between travel insurance providers. Read on to learn about the best travel insurance companies that offer CFAR coverage and key policy details you should know. Access the FAQs for answers to common questions about CFAR travel insurance.

The 5 best options for canceling travel insurance for any reason in 2022

CFAR reimbursement level

CFAR purchase deadline

Recommended plan type

Financial strength rating with AM Best

Travelex Insurance Services

Up to 50%

Within 15 days of initial deposit

Travelex Select Travel Package


seven corners

Up to 75%

Within 20 days of initial deposit

Round-trip travel protection


IMG travel insurance

Up to 75%

Within 20 days of initial deposit

iTravelInsured Travel LX


AXA Assistance United States

Up to 75%

Within 14 days of initial deposit

AXA Platinum Package


square mouth

Varies by package

Varies by plan

Several types of packages

Varies by company

Travelex Insurance Services


  • Can cancel the trip up to 48 hours before departure
  • Most travel plans include coverage for COVID-19 issues

The inconvenients:

  • Only reimburses up to 50% of your prepaid travel expenses
  • CFAR coverage is only available with certain plans

Travelex is a highly rated travel insurance company that allows you to add CFAR coverage to the Travel Select plan for an additional cost. This travel insurance plan includes up to $50,000 of coverage for emergency medical expenses, and children 17 and under are automatically covered. Other protections offered in this plan include trip cancellation and interruption coverage, trip delay coverage, specialized protection for missed connections, baggage insurance and more.

For CFAR coverage offered by Travelex, consumers are required to purchase this coverage within 15 days of initial trip deposit. From there, they have the right to cancel their trip for any reason up to 48 hours before departure. If they cancel, they’ll get 50% of their prepaid travel costs back (think: airfare, hotel stays, etc.) after filing a claim.

seven corners


  • Offer up to 75% reimbursement of prepaid travel expenses
  • Can be purchased within 20 days of initial trip payment

The inconvenients:

  • CFAR coverage is not available with all plans

Seven Corners is another travel insurance company to consider if you are planning a trip and want the flexibility to cancel for any reason. This company offers CFAR coverage to complement its round-trip travel protection plans, which include almost every type of travel insurance coverage you would expect. For example, round-trip travel protection includes travel protection against COVID-19, trip cancellation and interruption insurance, coverage for trip delays and various types of baggage insurance. Customers also get coverage for emergency medical and dental care and up to $250,000 of coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation of remains, which can be crucial for international travel.

For Seven Corners CFAR coverage, you have a full 20 days to purchase this coverage after making your initial trip deposit. Consumers can also recover up to 75% of prepaid travel expenses through this protection, although they must cancel their trip no later than two days before the scheduled departure date.

IMG travel insurance


  • Can purchase CFAR coverage in addition to the iTravelInsured Travel LX plan
  • Get up to 75% of the total cost of travel expenses prepaid
  • Option to purchase CFAR coverage up to 20 days after initial trip deposit

The inconvenients:

  • CFAR coverage does not apply if the travel supplier goes bankrupt or refuses to provide services

IMG offers CFAR coverage in addition to its iTravelInsured Travel LX plan. This robust travel insurance plan includes trip cancellation and interruption coverage, trip delay insurance, up to $1 million in coverage for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains and more Again.

Customers can add CFAR coverage as an optional benefit, which can result in up to 75% reimbursement of prepaid travel expenses. However, this coverage must be purchased within 20 days of the initial trip deposit and the trip must be canceled at least two days prior to the departure date.

AXA Assistance United States


  • Recover up to 75% of prepaid travel costs when you cancel for any reason
  • 10 day money back guarantee

The inconvenients:

  • CFAR coverage is not available with all plans
  • Must purchase CFAR coverage within 14 days of initial trip deposit

AXA Assistance USA offers to cancel AXA Platinum plan coverage for any reason. This plan automatically comes with benefits such as Trip Cancellation and Interruption Coverage, Trip Delay Coverage, Missed Connection Coverage, Emergency Medical Coverage, and Medical Evacuation and Medical Evacuation Coverage. non-medical emergencies. Baggage and personal effects coverage is also included.

Consumers can add optional rental car coverage to this plan, in addition to CFAR coverage, as long as it is purchased within 14 days of the initial trip deposit. This protection can reimburse up to 75% of prepaid travel expenses if a trip must be canceled for a reason not covered by this plan’s trip cancellation and interruption benefit.

square mouth


  • Compare multiple plans with CFAR coverage in one place
  • Comparison tool makes it easy to find prices

The inconvenients:

  • CFAR coverage refunds and fine print vary by company

Squaremouth is a comparison site that lets you see how travel insurance plans from multiple providers stack up. This means you have the ability to compare policies and CFAR coverage requirements between several different travel insurance companies at once, allowing you to hunt for the best deal.

While using a comparison tool can be handy, the main downside is that you’ll have to read multiple policies and compare individual CFAR coverage options in every plan you’re considering. When you do, you should make sure you know the level of reimbursement you will receive if you have to cancel your trip. Also note the number of days you have to purchase this coverage after your initial travel deposit and the time you have to cancel your travel arrangements before your departure date.

How does travel cancellation insurance for any reason work?

Cancellation for any reason coverage is usually offered as an option under comprehensive travel insurance plans. This means you won’t be buying CFAR coverage on its own, but rather buying it as part of a traditional travel insurance plan.

The option to cancel for any reason is a time-limited benefit. Most CFAR plans must be purchased within 14-20 days of your initial travel deposit for your travel arrangements, and you generally have the right to cancel within 48 hours or up to two days prior to departure date of your trip. From there, consumers who cancel their trip for any reason can be reimbursed up to 50% to 75% of their prepaid travel expenses.

Cancellation for any reason protection is generally offered per person, which means that it applies to each person listed on a travel insurance policy. The cover itself is also non-refundable, which means that even if you recover a percentage of the cost of your trip, you will not be reimbursed for the cost of the CFAR cover.

If you decide to buy CFAR protection for your next vacation, you should read the fine print of the plan you’re considering from the start. This can help you determine if there are other rules that apply to your policy, such as rules regarding pre-existing conditions, travel penalties, etc.

How much is cancellation cover for any reason?

The cost of CFAR coverage will depend on the travel insurance company you choose to travel with, the total cost of your travel arrangements, the number of family members and non-family members you choose to have. insure and other factors.

However, Squaremouth reports that adding CFAR coverage to a travel insurance plan can increase a policy’s premium by 40-50%. This means that a travel insurance policy that would normally cost $200 could cost you $280 to $300 with CFAR coverage added.

Can I really cancel my trip for any reason?

CFAR coverage allows you to cancel your trip and get a partial refund for any reason, even if you just decide to stay home.

Can I use Cancellation for Any Reason coverage to cancel my trip due to COVID-19?

If you’re worried about COVID-19 affecting your travel plans, you can purchase travel insurance that includes COVID-19 coverage. That said, canceling coverage for any reason can also be a good investment, especially if you want the flexibility to cancel due to last-minute reluctance to travel due to the coronavirus pandemic. coronavirus.

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