5 Best Travel Tripods Under $100

A tripod is an essential accessory if you want your photos to be perfect, especially when traveling. These travel tripods are lightweight and compact. More importantly, they can easily fit in your carry-on or travel backpack. The best part is that you can use a phone adapter and take photos with your smartphone and camera. Whether it’s a self portrait or a long exposure shot, just place your phone/camera on the tripod and get started.

Besides providing the necessary stability, a good travel tripod also gives you a better frame. And let’s not forget that steady shots appear much sharper.

So if you’re in the market looking for cheap travel tripods under $100, here are our top recommendations.

Let’s go, okay? But first,

1. Sensyne Phone Tripod

The Sensyne Phone Tripod is for you if you want an inexpensive yet functional tripod. The strong point of this phone tripod is its flexibility. Legs can twist and you can attach it to bike handles or handrails. So if you often like to cycle while on vacation, this tripod is an affordable way to record your videos.

At the same time, the short legs allow it to be placed on tables and benches. So if you are alone in a cafe and want to take a view, you can use this tripod to take a self portrait.

It is solid and does its job as advertised. And the 360-degree ball head lets you shoot any shot with minimal fuss. The tripod itself is lightweight, weighing just 150g. At the same time, the additional remote control makes it easy to click photos. The good news is that the remote is compatible with Android phones.

The Sensyne Phone Tripod has garnered good reviews from its user base. People love its affordable price and easy to use features.

2. UBeesize Camera Tripod

The UBeesize camera tripod is a traditional camera tripod that can hold a conventional camera and extend to full height. It is a 3 section tripod with 3 height adjustment. And when folded, it measures just 26 inches. This small size makes it very practical to store in luggage. Plus, the 67-inch overall height lets you capture any scene and landscape without using external factors like tables and benches. Plus, the built-in bubble level ensures your camera is level against the ground.

At the same time, the 3 sections and 3 height adjustable options make it easy to adjust the height. It’s easy to deploy and its lightweight design makes it easy to use on the go. For its price, it is a stable tripod, and several users have noticed this in their reviews. However, test it on your camera before taking it out for a ride.

That said, it can handle any terrain and the stable feet add to its stability. In addition, it is a versatile product for its price. For now, it includes a phone adapter, a travel bag and a remote control.

Thanks to its price, this tripod has amassed over 7,000 reviews on Amazon. It’s sturdy and lightweight, making it a great choice for travel enthusiasts.

3. Joby JB01507 GorillaPod

If you love shooting travel vlogs, you can’t go wrong with the Joby JB01507 GorillaPod. The highlight of this small but nifty tripod is its flexible legs that allow you to wrap it around anything, whether it’s a tree branch, a bicycle handle or a balustrade. It is a sturdy travel tripod. And even though he looks small, he can weigh up to 3 kilos.

Flexible legs allow you to shoot from a multitude of angles. As long as the built-in spirit level is level, you can rest assured that photos will appear symmetrical and sharp. The legs can also be straightened up and used as a conventional desktop tripod. Plus, the magnetic feet allow you to attach this camera accessory to horizontal metal surfaces. And yes, you can also use it as a selfie stick to take selfies.

On top of that, it comes with all the bells and whistles like a 360 degree rotating head and 90 degree tilt. The high quality construction ensures that it will last a long time, provided you take good care of it.

Again, it’s a versatile tripod and works well with phones and cameras. Just make sure you get a good phone adapter and you’ll be safe.

4. Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod Kit

Manfrotto is a good name in the world of camera accessories for its quality products, and the Compact Action Tripod Kit is no different. It is a little more expensive than its counterparts above. However, it brings an interesting mix of features to the table. For one, the fluid head ensures that you get smooth panning and tilting. And it makes for great videos and photos. Second, it can carry loads of up to 3.3 lbs. According to one of the users, they could mount a Sony A6400 camera and a Tamron 70-180mm lens without any problem.

The tripod is stable and allows you to take sharp photos. Height-adjustable legs and locking feet allow you to achieve your desired angle and height. Comparatively, it is a bit heavier with a durable design and sturdy construction. And yes, it is easy to deploy.

Although it has received very good reviews from its user base, with people praising its lightweight and durable construction, the plastic clamp tends to give way quickly. Besides that, you can use both your phone and your camera. If you’re looking for a quality tripod for iPhone photography (and the occasional camera) and don’t mind paying a premium, this is a good choice.

5. AOKA carbon fiber tripod

Another travel tripod for under $100 is from AOKA. The highlight of this tripod is its carbon fiber body, unlike the ones above. The carbon fiber results in a light but stable body. If we talk about numbers, this one weighs only 1.1 lbs and has a load capacity of up to 5.5 lbs. This makes it suitable for carrying both camera and lens combos and your iPhone.

When folded, it measures only 12 inches, which makes it convenient to carry around even if you are hopping from one tourist spot to another. When unfolded, it can extend up to 28 inches, giving you plenty of maneuvering room to take portraits, landscapes and self-portraits. Plus, the flexible design means you can extend the legs horizontally, making it easier to shoot from low heights.

The lightweight and compact build has earned its share of positive reviews. Tripod tilting and panning is smooth and simple. So if you’re looking for a tripod to take with you on your hikes or your next trip, you won’t go wrong with this one. Make sure the camera and lens combo is balanced as there is no space to hang counterweights.

Light, camera, action!

Traveling alone or in a small group means you have to arrange for your photos and videos to come out the way you want. And in the age of Instagram, you can’t afford to take blurry or off-center photos, whether you’re handling a regular camera or a phone. And a lightweight travel tripod like the ones above makes it possible.

The best thing to do when traveling is to buy a universal phone mount/adapter so it’s easy and convenient to film in crowded places.

So which of these are you going to buy?

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