To travel or not to travel

I should probably be the last person in the world to write an article about travel, because, until now, I was not a fan of it. I know most people really enjoy travelling, going to new places and seeing new things, so maybe I can bring another perspective to the table.

You will never see me in a travel agency ad. More likely in an ad for closures, if such things exist.

My parents planned field trips for us during our homeschooling years so that evidence could be included in our annual appraisal portfolio. You can usually find a snapshot of us on vacation and me with a scowl on my face.

It might sound crazy, but you’ve heard of opposing political groups like Democrats and Republicans and you’ve heard of opposing religious groups, but you might not have realized that there’s an almost as sharp divide between those who like to travel and those who don’t. You wouldn’t think that would be a point of contention, but it is, oddly enough.

We hear a lot about travel bucket lists. If I had to choose a few places, I would choose Hollywood for my destination in the United States, as I’m a big fan of classic films, and England for my international destination. My ancestors are all from Europe, and I find it a fascinating continent with a rich literary and artistic heritage. So if I ever had to travel, these would be on my “to do” list.

I like the idea of ​​traveling a bit to find new filming locations and meet new people, but I’m also a big proponent of “building on the back ground” and even better, using a green screen suit and thumbnails.

The creative spirit of the writer/director does not require physical displacement to operate the literary and cinematographic magic.

Positives of travel include, taking a break to relax, challenging yourself to leave your comfort zone, forgetting about your problems, seeking adventure, spending more time with family and friends, improving your health, meeting new friends or even find romance.

There can also be negative trips. There is quite a bit of stress involved with packing and preparing for a trip as well as traveling to unfamiliar areas. You need to be on high alert and you don’t know what security issues you might encounter.

Some people suffer from motion sickness or seasickness. Allergies could also be a problem. In some countries, tourists cannot drink the water. Foods you don’t usually eat could make you sick.

Traveling is expensive. You eat in restaurants, which are expensive and require tipping; the places you want to visit may have entrance fees; and don’t forget, you’ll want to buy souvenirs.

I understand why traveling was more important when there were still places in the world to discover and frontiers to conquer. Not to mention that there were no photos or videos. But now global locations are easily accessible from your computer screen.

You don’t have to embark on a trip around the world to do something different in life. Sometimes it can be as simple as joining a club or starting a new hobby. You will meet new people and learn new skills.

Ok, one of their arguments is that you can only learn so much by looking at photos and videos of a place and you have to experience it. Well, let me think about that for a few minutes. Thinking about places I have traveled to in my limited experience versus how he experiences places through images.

There is definitely a difference between experiencing something through pictures and experiencing something in person. The two greatest trips I have ever taken were to Cape May, New Jersey to see the ocean and to Canada to see Niagara Falls.

The ocean — The atmosphere, the sea air. Exciting to see seagulls flying overhead and wandering around. The roar of the ocean that we could hear from our hotel room was a little scary, especially at night when there was a storm. I was afraid the ocean would cross the highway and catch us. The power of the ocean was frightening. The beach was a new experience, and I loved finding seashells. However, I refused to eat seafood. I couldn’t believe it. I stayed with the trusty burger.

Canada — I was delighted with our trip to Canada. It was exciting to be in Queen’s Territory and see so many people from all over the world in Niagara Falls. Almost everyone spoke a different language on the bus and in the restaurants. It was fun trying to guess what language it was.

When we got home, I found myself listening to people speak another language, but this is New Bethlehem, so hearing multiple languages ​​spoken was not at all likely. The classic old world flavor of stepping into another country is what appealed to me. Europe is like fairyland, so Canada was like the North American branch of fairyland.

For now, I don’t regret not having traveled a lot. I’m enjoying the experiences I’ve had and will probably do a few more trips later in life. I don’t know if I will ever go to Europe, but I will keep my options open.

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