Missouri’s high gas prices don’t discourage travel, but can shorten distances

The average gasoline price in Missouri was $4.92 on Friday. In Boone County, the average price was $4.85. With these prices about $2 higher than a year ago, you would think there would be a chilling effect on travel.

That’s not necessarily the case, according to AAA Missouri.

“All of our available data suggests that higher gas prices and the higher cost of inflation have not deterred people from traveling in general this summer,” wrote Nick Chabarria, spokesman for the AAA, in an email to the Tribune. “In fact, AAA Missouri travel bookings have seen substantial year-over-year and month-over-month increases.”

Comparing May and June (as of Thursday), there was a 19% increase in travel bookings through AAA travel.

This month of June brought a 234% increase in bookings compared to the same month last year.

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